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For many addicts, substance abuse seems like an endless cycle of pain and misery, and it is very difficult to watch a family member, friend, or loved one suffer with the emotional and physical repercussions their abuse. The first tendency is to need to lend a hand to this family member, loved one, or friend try to get healthy, but those efforts usually backfire and end up making it easier for the user to keep on abusing alcohol or drugs. Interventions Philadelphia knows that family members, friends, and loved ones of an addict usually understand that they are not helping as much as recovery specialist would, and in these circumstances it is best to stage an intervention to help the addict make a decision to get treatment.


What’s an Intervention?


Staging an intervention is one of the best, most powerful ways to get an addict to agree to enter a rehabilitation (rehab) program. For example, getting a drug addict to agree to enter a program at Drug Rehab in Philadelphia. Intervention is a therapy technique that encourages the addict to willingly enter rehab. An intervention normally includes the addict; the addict’s friends, family, and loved ones; and an interventionist. An addict who is unresponsive to pleas, opposed to getting help, or is ignorant of their problem is most often the subject of an intervention.


What Is the Difference Between an Intervention and Rehab?


It is vital to remember the difference between intervention and treatment, and also to take into account that each is needed for a successful recovery. Interventions are supposed to persuade the addict to go into rehab, and are initiated by their friends, their family members, and those that care about them. An intervention is NOT therapy, and is probably not enough to make an addict stop abusing drugs or alcohol. Rehab centers, like Rehab in Philadelphia, PA, educate the addict about the illness of addiction and provides them with the tools and methods they will need to maintain long term recovery. Interventions Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recommends that, ideally, an addict will agree to enter a rehab program on the exact same day as their intervention.


Who Is the Interventionist?


An interventionist is a skilled professional who coordinates and supervises the intervention. Interventions Philadelphia seriously recommends hiring a certified, approved interventionist for the best experience. Family and friends of the addict are usually too involved with the situation in order to stage a successful intervention because their feelings, thoughts, and emotions are too confused and troubled to be calm. An interventionist normally directs the friends and family of an addict to compose letters or notes to be read aloud to the addict, because their voices are important to getting the addict to agree to get treatment.


Having a deep understanding of the disease of addiction is essential, and many interventionists are actually addicts in recovery. On account of their unique point of view, they can successfully communicate with the addict, and friends and family of the addict. Intervention Centers in Philadelphia suggest the use of interventionists who are certified through the Association of Intervention Specialists. Call to speak with one of Interventions Philadelphia’s trained experts to get more information about interventions and interventionists.


How and When to Act


Addiction regularly places people in unhealthy situations and environments, so it is necessary to act quickly for the welfare of the addict. The longer help is prolonged, the better the probability of an overdose and ever-decreasing health conditions. Interventions Philadelphia suggests arranging an intervention once the addict’s problem is known, since their survival is extremely insecure and unpredictable. To get extra information regarding interventions or substance abuse, or to get in contact with an interventionist, please call one of Interventions Philadelphia, PA’s compassionate specialists. They are able to address any questions or concerns about interventions and drug and alcohol dependency in general.